Saturday, March 26, 2011


Zed made my banner for me and i love it. It will get changed again soon for my new character to be added in. 
I managed to get the facebook banner on here to , Thankyou Kay for making that for me. I just need someone to check and see where it goes. When i click on it then it goes to my get started page instead of the wall page and i'm hoping thats just because i set it up and when anyone else clicks on it hopefully it will go straight to the wall page. Could someone pleeeeeeeease just click and tell me where it goes lol     Ahhh i'm getting there.

Thankyou Ladies, its all working properly lol  i actually did something right lol


  1. Glad you like it, Kaz :)
    I clicked the Facebook banner and it went to the fan page

  2. The facebook link took me right to your wall, so I would say, big success .

  3. Thanks Zed i really do love it. It's livened up this blog a lot so thankyou again:)

    Thanks for checking Krex, i appreciate that :)

  4. When I click the Facebook bannner it took me to the fan page.

  5. Thanks Terri, I actually did something right lol