Friday, March 25, 2011

New Stuff

Hi everyone
Please excuse my banner at the moment, zed is helping me make a new one and were just getting the sizing and pics how i'd like them. i'm loving it so far though

I've also just created a new page on facebook  just for our Felt Creations!/pages/Felting-Fun/112565655490638?sk=wall

If you'd like to share your Beautiful work then please feel free to upload some pic's there and have some fun. I just hope i've done the whole thing properly lol

I'm still trying to work out how to put the link to the new facebook page on this blog arggg i get so frustrated that i'm not very  literate with these computers yet lol  I'm determined to learn though lol


  1. The technology thing sure is challenging but we must prevail until every human on the planet knows what the heck needle felting is !(mostly so we don't have to keep repeating how you take this tiny barbed needle and a hand full of sheep's fiber and.....)

    I think the banner needs to be a tad bigger so you can see your lovely detail better . Then again, I still haven't conquered the whole banner thing myself .

  2. lol thanks krex i agree, but it can get pretty frustrating when you dont know what your doing. My new banner will be uploaded shortly, we just had to get the right size so it'll fit better. And the lovely zed (felt by zed) has been helping me make it, she's excellent at things like that as well as her gorgeous felting lol
    cheers karen xo

  3. Hi Karen, it's looking great!
    I'm off to check out facebook!

  4. Thanks so much for that, i appreciate it :)