Thursday, March 10, 2011

Another Wool Dying Day

Hi Everyone
I managed to get in some wool dying yesterday, i was hoping to have this all carded by now but while it was outside in the sunshine i got stuck into some felting and of course i didnt realise the rain came down while i was inside, i didnt hear it either i was engrossed in felting lol  oh hopefully i'll get this carded over the weekend.

I'm also out of core fleece so i've washed some of that with more washing now. The fleece that i dyed is from Baby merino cross and they were such babies to. very short fibre but it'll be perfect for needle felting and here's hoping i can get it all through the carding machine.
Happy Felting xoxo


  1. Wow, love all, particularly purple and turqoise. Happy felting !

  2. Thankyou Terri, it'll be lovely when its all carded :))

  3. Wow Karen !
    You've been so busy since I visited last.
    The colours are great!
    I'm off to have a better look!
    Thanks for your message on my blog.
    x Tiffane

  4. lol Thanks Tiffane and your welcome :)