Monday, September 13, 2010

Yes another Wet Felted Bag !!!!

OOO i get kind off obssessed occasionally and have to keep making the same sort of thing lol   So anyway lol  here's another small Wet Felted Bag. This one is using my merino x batt that was blended with sari silk and i put a whole silk hankie through the Batt. I really liked it so thought i'd see how it went. I think i'm getting better with the opening as this one is much neater and stronger. I added a little wooden button but it also has a press stud closure, Dont like doing button holes lol 

Happy Felting Everyone xoxo


  1. Hello clever wet felting girl ! Your bags and purse are so wonderful. And it seemed so fun to do. Perhaps I should try som wet felting for a change:)

    Have a nice week. I making hand dolls at the time. Needle felted face and knitted body. Its fun !! And thats the main thing:)

  2. Awww Thankyou Gunn, they are fun and yes you should try, cant wait to see your hand dolls sounds like fun and as long as your doing that then all is well :))
    Happy Felting and Knitting my Friend xoxoxo

  3. Nice fall colors and organic pattern to the bag . Congratulate yourself on finishing the strap and buttons...that's the boring bit for me that I never seem to get to .

  4. lol Thankyou and i know what you mean, if i could do more with the embellishing side of things i think i'd really like to do that, but at the moment my imagination has gone to the wind lol