Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wet Felted Cuffs

I thought instead of trying to make something big i really should start with something a bit smaller, so i made these little wet felted cuffs and flowers. I loved making them and definitely be making more. They all have press stud closures with either flowers or buttons on the top but not sure what to put on the green on yet.

                                                                     Happy Felting xo


  1. Hallo again, Karen :) Nice and lovelyg cuffs !

    I`m here to inform you that I have change my name frå gunknitter til Petrine in my blogg :) I felt for a change :))

    Have a nice day to you !

  2. Thankyou Kacik, that means a lot coming from you xoxo

    Gunn i thought it was you hehe, i wasnt sure the other day so thanks for letting me know. So should i call you Gunn still or Petrine now lol A change is as good as a holiday, so they say. Happy Felting my friend xoxo

  3. Ooo Karen I love the one on the bottom left xx

  4. Awww Thankyou Deborah, Actually that one is my favorite to xoxoxo

  5. Oooo.... .You wet felting felter you!! Good stuff!