Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wet Felted Wall Hanging

I've just finished another Wet Felted Wall Hanging and although i do have to learn how to make different flowers i love it.  The Background is my hand dyed and carded merino x , the 2 flowers are merino x with a silk hankie on top. Zed (Felt by zed) sent me some of her gorgeous dyed silk hankies and while ago and i've never wet felted with them till now.  I added colored beads to the centre of the flowers.   I'm off to try to make some different flowers now lol   xoxo

Happy Felting


  1. I like both of your wall hangings....bet they are even cooler in person where you can see all the subtle color shifts and texture .

  2. Aww thankyou.
    Your right the silk hankie in the flower has a really nice sheen but you cant see it in these pics. or maybe thats the operator of the camera in use lol xo

  3. Its lovely Karen. Gorgeous colours