Thursday, April 1, 2010

Second Try at Coils

Ok here we go again, this is the second try at coils, i'm struggling a bit with over twisting in the base yarn and i think it might be a bit thick, i was just using some bought 4ply for the base and when spinning the coils its very hard to feed through onto the spool. Should i be using a really fine base yarn ??? I'm not giving up though cause i really love coils , maybe i should just learn how to spin properly first. I Always was impatient lol
The coils are spun from Gotland Fibre that i dyed myself.

The rest of the yarn left as a single ply, i really love those colors


  1. You really do have an eye for colour Karen :o) lovely combo! I think you are doing FANTASTICALLY! You are like me, I always want to `run before I walk` its more fun that way isnt it?! Sometimes I spin fatter yarns than I probably should on my wheel - why let a little orifice stop us hey ;o) I just take my time, wind it on by hand if need be & dream of one day owning a country spinner or the like :o)
    Keep having fun with it - You get a triple A + in my book, you`re a natural

  2. Awwwww thankyou so much Deborah, you really know how to make a girl smile xoxo
    ok then that little orifice is not getting the better of me hehehe :))

  3. I love the look and texture of it.