Thursday, August 20, 2009

Romney Fibre

This is Romney Fibre that i spun up on my drop spindle, in its natural white color and then Dyed in my favorite colors after. That is the first time dying and spinning this way i usually dye first and then spin. Not sure why but i love this romney fleece, its so easy to work with and i love those colors.


  1. oooh, this looks wonderful! the yarn looks so soft, and the colours are fab :)

  2. Thankyou so much, this is soooo soft its beautiful to touch
    cheers karen

  3. hey Karen... found your blog from Gunn's.... Philip Island... yeh...motorcycle racing! And...we had friends go there for a lovely is many miles from here..... I'm in Canada...

    You are so is wonderful to feel like we have a second family through our blogs and our blog friends... ...

    I love Romney for my little bears... cuz it felts so nicely... the only thing I have tried dying it with is Kool Aid... but it sure does take the colour nicely... not that I've done it often..and such tiny bits for a teensy bear.. I do it in a glass.

    I love the colours of this...