Saturday, April 25, 2009

Using a Diz

I've been trying to learn how to use a Diz to make rovings from my Drum Carder, i was having a bit of trouble so Ann from Shepherds Spring Farm sent me a small video to help out. Thankyou so much Ann you make it look so easy and now maybe my Bi-ceps wont get some much of a workout. lol
I've added it here so i hope it works

Ann gives a brief explaination here. Thankyou Ann
If it gets to hard to pull through the hole you have too much wool. Pull the diz up the wool and split the wool on the underside. You were probably moving across the drum to fast. The thicker the wool on the drum the slower you have to move across. The staple length will determine how far you can pull before you have go move your hand back down to grab the wool next to the diz. If you can manage to give it a twist while you are pulling you can pull longer, twist gives strength.


  1. this is so interesting! i was wondering how roving was made. I've seen carders and all but the next step was a bit of a mistery to me... and now I see. Thanks ofr sharing!


  2. Ahhh your welcome Marian, I was always wondering to so Ann kindly made the video for me to post here.

  3. Is that a post-it note you're using for a diz? Awesome McGuyverism!