Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dying Wool

I started out today trying to make rovings from my Drum Carder with a Diz, its a lot harder than it looks so if anyone has any suggestions for me i would be greatly appreciative.
After trying that i wanted to give my steamer a work out and see if i could produce some yummy colors steaming the wool for the first time. I have to say i'm super happy with the results, i love the colors, there hanging to dry and now because my rovings didnt turn out so good should i now go ahead and just run them back through the carder to smooth them out in their lengths, or should i just leave them alone and go a try again.

The Steamer in Action

I just love all the colors

Drying outside and they look as bright as they are.


  1. Hi Karen,
    When I first started drum carding my big mistake was feeding too much fiber and turning the crank too fast. Slowing down and less fiber helped tremendously. You'll get the hang of it just like the spinning.

  2. Thanks Phyllis, i'm getting better and practise makes perfect right lol