Thursday, November 8, 2012

New Covers

New Journal covers and making them inside out !!!!
I blogged about this over on the  and all the silly mistakes i made, getting confused with the inside outside and right way round
First layout of hand spun yarn and silk threads
I did put white on top instead of on the inside and this green was supposed to be on the outside under the threads

then this was supposed to be the inside of the cover as you opened it up
but silly me got really confused and ended up with the white on the outside, and now of course you cant see the other colors at all !!!!
I couldnt believe how i did that but i kind of like it anyway so its not all lost lol
Next one with silk threads and sari ribbon
i cheated this time and used the same fiber all over, thinking i was clever :)
Then i forgot which side to cut and almost cut the wrong side, its quite hard to remember where your thread side is once its all covered in other fiber
But i guess they turned out ok, although a little wonky but   I'm on a mission now to get this journal cover making down patt, if its the last thing i do lol
I did have fun though so Happy Felting to You :)


  1. Oh, Karen-"Been there, done that!!" Here's a link to one of my own 'tried and true' ways to avoid this mistake:
    P.S. I'm about to announce that you are the winner of my giveaway, so congratulations, and please send me your mailing name/address to woollove-fiberart(at)hotmail(dot)com. Thanks! XO-

    1. WoooHoooo omg Thankyou Heather thats makes it all worthwhile, i'll check your link and read up well :) xo

  2. How interesting! I tried to make a cover once but it shrinked more than expected... I need to try the way you are doing it, it will work well with fiddly designs, like yours! Your covers turn out nicely eventually! Both are beautiful but I like the first one slightly more!

    1. Thankyou Felicity, i like the first one best to and they actually do felt better inside out , its just getting used to the fiddling and remembering which way is up lol

  3. Having fun is the important part!

  4. Both are very nice. The one with swirls are obviously lovely. It's fun to play the inside-out. Happy felting.

  5. Join the club Karen! - you're not alone on this one, it's so easy to forget where you're up to ... PS - I use plastic template sheets sold in the patchwork section of Spotlight. I've found they're easier to handle (its a similar plastic to that of the outside of a Marbig folder) Wishing you and yours a great Christmas, Tiffane x

  6. Thankyou Tiffane
    I will try those sheets thankyou, it might save everything from getting so muddled lol