Monday, August 13, 2012

Where have i been

Hello Everyone

I just did a blog post on our studio site but thought i'd put it here to

I thought it was about time I explained my absence and whats been happening in my life over  the last few months.

I started out with my Father In-law very sick in hospital for a month and everyone thinking that he wasn’t going to come out,  Happy to say he’s well again, home and at 86yrs young hes back at work lol  loves his job and not quite ready to finish up yet.

Then we had a huge flood in our house and imagine all this water inside as well as outside

I had to call the ses for help and they promptly dug up our back yard to fill sand bags to put at all the openings in the hope of stopping the water. It did work but what a mess, this pic was taken a few hours after the storm and most of the water had gone, we had a months worth of rain in one afternoon.
Then both hubby and I ended up with a very bad flu, I think that was because we waddled in this water and a deluge of rain for hours, freezing cold to so we ended up pretty sick.  In fact that nasty flu found it way to so many people down here, it wasn’t nice and to top that off we then had a strain of gastro that was worse lol  Were healthy now and I personally plan on staying that way.
The insurance is just coming through now so were in the middle of packing up the whole downstairs of our house in order to have new flooring, were going for polished concrete this time and in case we ever flood again then it’s a matter of mopping up instead of ripping up floating  floors and vinyl. My craft room is downstairs to but I saved just about everything in there and now its being packed away till the floors are done and I’m so looking forward to re- organizing my room again and starting fresh.  I’ll be like a brand new room so no excuse for me not to have it organized properly
I had to stop everything and then I think we get ourselves into a mind meltdown and find it hard to come back from. I’m very happy to say that im getting back into the right frame of mind and cant wait to start working with some wool again.
Ruths new book came and Its fantastic,  im enjoying reading through it and very eager to get my room all set back up and unpack supplies. I really needed the inspiration so the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Its a Gorgeous  book jam packed with lots of information, projects and over 800 color photo's. Well done Ruth !!!!
I have so much to catch up on and looking forward to seeing what everyone has been doing while I’ve been gone.
For now I’ll leave you with a pic of the one little person who keeps  us all going with her happy little smile and squeals of delight. At 7 months old now my Granddaughter Charlie is the happiest little  girl ever and cant you tell that she's well looked after with those bright chubby cheeks :)  

Happy Felting Everyone xoxo


  1. Love to see you again and gorgeous Charlie. Glad that your Father-in-Law is active again and your house is back to track.

  2. Thanks so much Terri, its good to be back xo