Friday, August 31, 2012

Inspired by Heather W

Hi everyone, i just put a new post up on the forum with my latest pieces inspired by Heather @ Woollove-functional fiber
I love the way Heather made her new journal covers, all in one piece and not stitched together so had to have a go.  Yes i made a few mistakes but im still very happy with how they turned out, especially this first one, not so much the second one :)
I added in a slim resist to make a pen pocket , you can just see the plastic sticking out of the center top ( i thought that was clever) and a way to always have a pen with the note book, also some tribute orange  ( her favorite color) :)
I cut a piece of leather and used the inside of it for the closure ( the right side is brown and i wanted the orange ) with a toggle for the button

I loved this one at this stage but after it was dry there just not my colors, my daughter loved it so its hers now.  Again another resist for a pen pocket which works really well

Thankyou for the inspiration Heather,  i loved making these and plan on making more and perfecting more :)

Heathers blog


  1. You made a beautiful cover!! And I agree, Heather is a great inspiration!! hugzz...peebee

  2. Thanks so much Patty, she definitely is :)

  3. Hey Karen, your new blog looks very nice.

  4. Thankyou Judy, i'm slowly getting there but its still needs work :)

  5. Karen--Your book covers are WONDERFUL!!!
    ...and the addition of a pen pocket is absolutely INSPIRED!!!!
    Now I'll have to try one like that!!! :)
    It's so much fun to see how someone else works out the kinks in a favorite project.
    Thank you for the 'shout out' and for your sweet friendship!! XO-

  6. Awww Thanks so much Heather, it'll take me a bit more practise but i absolutely loved making them so will make more, cant wait to see your next pen pocket addition lol
    And your very welcome, you are an inspiration :) xo

  7. Very pretty book covers, both are good. Adding pen pocket is great idea. Heather and you are inspiring. Have a go for that soon.

  8. Thankyou Terri, looking forward to seeing yours :)

  9. Your nuno felting is awesome!!! Beautiful work, thanks for sharing.