Monday, August 20, 2012

Help Please

I'm having so many problems with this blog and im not sure how to fix it.  I was hoping someone would be able to lend a hand,  this blog keeps going straight to some other web ring and its driving me banana's.
I dont know why its doing it and i'm not sure how to contact blogger to find a solution, I'm ready to delete the whole thing and start again but in truth that would be horrendous lol 
Does anyone have any ideas of either what i've done or whats been done on my blog,
I appreciate any advise you can give
Thanks karen xo


  1. The WebRing widget in the sidebar (the one next to the counter) contains a charming little chunk of code here that ends in a window.location.replace. Oversight? Sleazy hijack attempt? I don't know. But that's your culprit.

  2. Oh thankyou so much, i definitely need help with that one, i'm not that computer literate lol I appreciate your help xo

  3. Oh i did find that and got rid of it but nothings changed, arggggggg thankyou again :)

  4. Karen, you can move all your old posts to a new blog if it comes to that. I had noticed your blog had been highjacked for a while. Perhaps if you took everything out of your side bars and take out any widgets or extra code?