Thursday, March 15, 2012

More from me !!

I've just put the blog post up in our studio site along with a felted note book cover i made

I  have added to my tree project in my mixed media course.  I”ve added some more stitching with some leaves and flowers  in straight stitches and French knots and I did try to be very clever and create a picot stitch, ( on the right up the trunk )  I haven’t done one of them before and I want to do a vine going around and up the tree and in a 3d kind of effect,  so this is my first attempt at that stitch and while I thoroughly enjoyed how it works I will more than likely take those few out and re-do. That was just a bit of practise J  I’ve also added a spider web and the dreaded spider ( sorry zed )  he's a friendly one   J    

I am really enjoying this and although nothing is perfect  and its not supposed to be, I’m loving how its all coming together.  I still need to add more foliage and I’m not really sure what to do with the background but it does need something, maybe a shrub or to in the far distants.   I’m just taking my time with this project and as things come to mind I’ll be adding them in !!

This is my latest note book cover using stitch and beads

The whole post is over at our Studio Site

Happy Felting & Stiching xo 


  1. They are so GREAT! It's always very good to see bloggers inspiring works. Your mixed media is fantastic. Couldn't agree more the added stitches/knots are icing on the cake. Love the textures.

  2. Awww thankyou Terrie, your so sweet :)

  3. These are really beautiful, Karen. You should be proud. The tree is especially good.

  4. Thanks so much Judy and Ruth,
    I appreciate that :)

  5. Theyre both lovely Karen! Love your tree.. I can picture it with a light (maybe in watercolour) view of rolling hills behind it :) Whatever you do it will be beautiful x