Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mixed Media Stuff

I've just finished this small mixed media wall hanging and i'm really liking it. I started out with a flat piece that i cut into different sizes, adding lots of stitching and beads and a hand made fimo button in the centre, i then mounted it onto a book cover that i gesso's, painted and repainted with shiva stixs, I like using them although they do take a while to dry being oil paints in a stick, amazing things

I also once again tried my hand at textile beads , using tyvek, metallic threads and some gorgeous decorative plastic strips zed sent me. A lot of fun but fiddly little buggers lol 

Happy Felting


  1. Love all the detailing but the buttons are tiny worlds...really interesting to the eye and works of art all their own...(button just doesn't really capture all the color and texture going on there...more like "accent pieces" perhaps ?)

  2. Oh Krex there's only one button in the middle and the others are french knots lol is that what you mean xo

  3. Very eye-catching piece. I also love mixed media of fabrics. Reading your post makes me to try more. Enjoy it.

  4. Hi Karen,
    Thanks for your good wishes!
    Love your textile beads.
    I hope you have a great Xmas too.
    M x

  5. Those beads are looking great!

  6. Thankyou Michala xo

    Thanks Ruth xo

  7. They look great, Kaz!
    The beads are amazing :)

  8. Its all looking great Karen - love the wallhanging, your colours are always so beautiful!
    Deborah x

  9. Karen, thank you so much for becoming a follower on my blog. This gave me the opportunity to look at your fabulous blog. Wow. I am new to felting and can really learn from you. I am adding you to my blog roll and will visit often. I tried to become a follower, but Google would not accept.

  10. Thankyou so much Judy your work is so beautiful and very inspiring
    Google has a mind of its own sometimes doesnt it :)