Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Happy Little Needle Felted Troll

Hi everyone
Meet my new Happy Little Needle Felted Troll,  He's made using my merino x lambswool fibre and his coat is merino tops from stefknits on Etsy her cupcake range, love it.  This guy makes me laugh, he's always so friendly and happy and now i need to make him a girlfriend,  I really love the way he turned out and i think i might keep to this theme for a while. He's my favorite already and he even stands all my himself


  1. He's almost like a Flintstone character!! (I especially love his chest hair, Karen!!)
    Maybe you should make his girlfriend look like Betty or Wilma?!?! Grin.

  2. lol Thankyou Heather, he is kinda like a flinstone character, didnt think of that lol

  3. He is SO wonderful, Karen. I often wonder how your Aussi troll looks like :) haha

    You have done briliant jobb !! I can`t wait until his girlfriend comes around !

    Big hugs from Petrine Gunn

  4. Awww Thankyou so much Gunn, Aussie Trolls are pretty happy to and big,he stands 16in, he was inspired by your magical trolls and i've been wanting to make one for ages
    Bigs Hugs back at ya
    Karen xoxoxo

  5. Well done! What a neat charcter! Love JOhn Wayne, too!

  6. Thankyou Edwina, i appreciate that :)

  7. Love his hairy chest and belly Karen !
    Can't wait to see his girl !
    - she has to love hairy feet ; )

  8. Thankyou again, oh yeah she's gunna love his hairy feet :)

  9. Es impresionante ver tus obras, son geniales.