Thursday, May 6, 2010

Any Idea's Anyone lol

Hi Everyone
I've been trying to figure out why is it that when i'm searching on google for Needle Felting or Art Dolls or anything to do with needle felting nothing of mine show's up. Ive searched all over with all sorts of ways of spelling it but  nothing,  Yet when i search through Yahoo mine comes up then but only all my early things and nothing from later on.  I'm not that worried about it really lol  but it does bug me a bit that i can see lots of people's work that i know , just not mine,  Am i doing something wrong or is it that google doesnt like me very much.  hehehe 
Anyway i know this is a silly question but i just thought someone would have some idea"s  ????

Cheers Karen


  1. I find the same thing with my stuff Karen, its a bit of a mystery to me...sorry. Shall be looking out for any explanations you might get here though :o)

  2. It's a very complex formula these days on how the search engines work. I have heard that if you have more connection/links to other people's sites, that helps. Do you use tags on your blog posts? That also helps. Other than that, I would suggest going to Google and see if they have any information posted about increasing your seach engine visibility.

  3. Hi :) One suggestion that I would make is to be sure to use several relevant words in your blog post titles and your keyword options when posting. Instead of titling posts to just reflect your own perception of its content with a few words, be sure to title posts with those words as well as some more descriptive words including things such as "needle felted" or "felted wool" or "art doll" if your post is pertaining to one of your lovely creations (always title accordingly though - just more descriptive). Also, repeat those title words in your keyword list option at the bottom of your post in addition to other keywords that are throughout the text of your post. This way when search engines come along, your posts will be more relevant and be categorized thus for searches. You might also manually submit your blog to Google and other search engines so that it is more easily found. You can do this by doing an internet search for something like "google site submission" and a page link to add your url to google will show up. The same thing should happen when you search for Yahoo, etc. I hope that info helps! Although I am a feltmaker at heart, I am a graphic designer by training, and it comes in handy sometimes ;O) Best wishes!!

  4. Thanks Deb, you better watch this spot with me then lol

    Ruth thankyou ,yes i do use tags but maybe i'll add some more and i also have quite a few other peoples links added to my page as well, maybe i need more friends to follow lol

    Shalana xoxo i probably should have come to you, i'm always on your site looking for valuable information and you have a way of explaining things that make sense to us non computer savy friends lol Thanks heaps and i'll go in this afternoon noon after work and see what i can do lol Yes that would come in very handy xo

    Thanks again Girls your the best and this was something that was just really bugging me lol

    Cheers and Happy Felting,
    I feeeeel Better Now lol

  5. Hi Karen - You got really good advice! My husband has been immersed in Search Engine Optimization for my new website. Ruth is right - it's complex. Having lots of links out there that point to you is important - also, tag your photos with as much information as possible before uploading by editing the image properties. And definitely what Shalana said - your titles of your posts should be very literate. And your Flickr pictures too! I type the words needle felting so often when I am titling, tagging and describing my photos, my blog posts, my web pages, my Flickr photos and Facebook posts.

  6. Hey Kay
    Thanks for that, i'm working my way to everything and changing a few things around, I dont like all this complex stuff lol But its a good learning curve xo