Thursday, February 18, 2010

Needle Felted Mick & Jolly Roger

I'm really really loving this guy Mick, i love the expression on his face and i put my hand in so you can see how big he is. I'll definitely be making a body for him but just not sure how he should look yet. He looks like a Mick dont you think lol I didn't want to make an older person but as he was coming out i was lovin him. !! He's all needle felted using a single barbed needle !

I reworked Jolly Roger a bit because i wasnt that happy with him, Now he has a new bigger nose, i've pulled his eyes in a bit more, still maybe need to do more, and straightened up his mouth and chin, He looks a lot better now and probably needs a nice big fat body lol


  1. Mick looks to me like an "old man of the sea". Looks like you've been busy making lots of new companions!

  2. Thanks Ruth, he does to, i've been practising doing some different features, they were all looking the same and i didnt want that :))