Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Big Day Arrived

I know a lot of you would have rolled your eyes as i went on and on about my Son ( Sean's ) upcoming wedding, Well guess what lol Its happened and its all over bar the shouting lol
I know i'm bias but it was the most Beautiful Day ever and all 130 guest's agreed it was the best wedding they had been to. Tears flowed during the service as a poem was read out that was written by Sean, I didnt know he had that in him. It was perfect
Sean has his 2 brothers as Bestman and Groomsman and his Best Mate as another Groomsman
Kelly had her best friend as Maid of Honour and her sister laura and our daughter as Bridemaids. Kelly's sister Laura made the wedding dress by hand . I'm sorry you cant see much detail in these couple of pics but it truly is Stunning. the Bride and Groom are so Happy i just love them to pieces lol


  1. Congratulations, Karen with that wonderful couple ! You must have been so proud and still are !!!! I`m so happy for your :)))))) Very lovely pictures !!

  2. Thankyou so much gun, I am very proud and they are all just so Beautiful, all the time xoxo

  3. gorgeous photos! everyone looks amazing and so happy too :) glad you were able to share this amazing time with your family.

  4. Awww Thankyou so much Tracy, your so sweet :))