Monday, October 5, 2009

More Flower Power

I couldnt help myself, had to make a couple more cause i'm thoroughly enjoying every minute of this so i hope you like them :))

This first one is my first time using a Silk Hankie, its the main flower with some Angelina Fibre in the centre, also some silk waste at the bottom, my coil yarn as the stem.

I wanted to try a raised flower, i'll keep practising that one lol My yarn is the stem double and then doubled again, not sure if its a bit to thick.


  1. Again, love that colour combination in the first picture :))

  2. I love them. Your flowers are beautiful.

  3. Oh oooo Nyyyydelig:(wooooonderful) ! Your flower are so wonderful. I can image that they are as soft to touch as they look. You are so good with your choice of color,Karen. And it is so fun to read that you have so fun making them !!

  4. Thankyou Jasmine, i do to, much prefer the earthy tones :)

    Thankyou Phyllis, i appreciate that :))

    Thankyou Gunn, I did have a lot of fun and looking forward to making more, but how many can a girl hang in her house lol

    Cheers Karen

  5. These are really beautifull Karen! I especially love the top one

  6. Thankyou so much Deborah, i really appreciate that :))