Friday, July 10, 2009

Finally some Needle Felting

Well its taken a while but i think i'm finally out of my blues. OOOOOOO that was bad lol
Now this week i've been so into needle felting again and its so good, this girl is what came out and i really like her.
She has a core of Merino and her outlayer is Romney, her clothes are my dyed Gotland and her hair is one of the first yarns i spun on my hand spindle. She stand 18inch tall.
I think SKY is a nice name for her, what do you think.


  1. Hi Karen!

    I LOVE her groovy hair! ANd her blue eyes! How did you do the hair?


  2. PS. Have you ever seen the site she makes really nice stuff too!

  3. Awww thankyou
    Her hair is yarn that i spun and then cut into length and needle felted in her head. I felt aweful stabbing her so much but i love the effect hehehe.
    and yes Brigette Hanson is a Fantastic Doll Maker, actually my teacher Kay Petal was one of Brigettes students,
    Have you been on the felting forum, awesome place to be inspired by and learn, we have some awesome talent there and love to see you there its
    thanks again

  4. Karen, she is WONDERFUL !!!! SKY suits her :)I am so glad you "came out of your blues " I love her. It`s so FUN FUN!! You are so GOOD ! I am going on a summertrip today and have packed some cloth and plenty wool !! You are really good, look at those teeth and those eyes. Everything about her is beautiful:) This give me a great inspiration ! Please do more !!

  5. This is really fun, you mus have enjoyed making her. I'm still new to felt making and have only made felt feet so far, but have ordered a couple of books to learn more. Can't wait for them to arrive.

  6. Thankyou Gunknitter, i'm glad she gave you some inspiration because mine has been coming from you lately lol

    Thankyou Jasmine, i love your blog and i had a heartfelt journey through there, your felt feet are great. Can i invite you to our forum were you'll find lots of awesome inspiration and help on any felting topic.
    Its you'll love it there
    Cheers ladies and thanks again

  7. I am glad to see someone else feels bad about stabbing her creations, I always do when they start to look like real beings, I make alot of dogs and pandas and always feel bad aboutg stabbing them. I thought I was just nuts but its nice to see I am not alone.

  8. Love her. She is real groooovy!!
    Check out

  9. Thankyou Elaine, no your not alone , it doesnt feel right does it, all the pain lol

    Thankyou Felt4u, i'm a follower of your blog and you create beautiful items.