Monday, April 13, 2009


Well we have had an amazing weekend with this fundraiser, Not all has been sold but thats ok as im now going to set myself up at a couple of good craft markets here and sell the rest and i wont stop until its all sold.
So far we have raised (drum roll please) lol $1558.50 i think that is awesome for a weekends worth of work and ive had the best time ever. Meeting new people and learning new things, i've learnt so much this weekend it's been Brilliant.
Everything looked Fantastic all set up in the hall and i have to Thank Jude (judelicious) on the forum for taking time out to come down and help me for the first day and sleeping over the night before so we could set everything up perfectly Thankyou so much Jude, also like to thank Glynis (feltpets) for braving all that traffic and driving down to meet us and she bought Cakes , which was just what we needed to Thankyou so much Glynis.
I will put some photo's on of everything all set up but i just wanted to say Thankyou so much to everyone that has been involved in this event, your generosity is very much appreciated and without you all this would not have happened. So Thankyou Very Very Much from the bottom of my heart. This is something that will stay with me forever as i have loved every minute of it.
I'll keep informing everyone of sales as we go.
Until then i know that we have helped in some way
thankyou again

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