Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Boy Archie

OOOOOO Its been a while since i posted anything, just been so busy lately and now I finally found some time to finish this character, I named him Archie cause i think it suits. He's 100% needle felted using my hand dyed merino fleece. He's not exactly what i had in mind but i'm still pleased with the way he turned out , that darn wool has a life of its own lol :))


  1. Awesome, Karen !!! He is just wonderful where he sits in his beautiful home dyed woolly cloths with the most gorgeous apple in his hand. I love the way you make the eyes on your charatcters. Archies eyes are beautiful. He looks if he is a clever and smart little guy !

    Wonderful felting work again, Karen !

    Happy Felting

    ( King Winter came this morning. I`m not so very happy about it. But the light is wonderful, and it kind of look as the ground is made of White Merino ))

  2. Thankyou Gunn, your so kind , He doesnt want to come down out of the tree cause he's waiting for his friend xoxoxo

    Oh that would look so very pretty, i love to look at snow but not live in it though lol brrrrrr to cold for me,
    Thankyou again Gunn and Happy Happy Felting to you xoxo